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Calling all my beauty lovers!


I am designing a etsy store that is going to be selling all handmade brush belts, brush rolls, makeup bags, aprons, etc. All handmade and completely customizable. 

But here is where I need your help, I have spent days thinking about a name for the shop, and cannot come up with anything good or cute enough. 

Please leave me comments as to what you would think is a good name for my shop! If your choice of a shop name wins, I will send you a customized brush roll of your choice!

Thank you!
I'm cute?!

I turn to fellow makeup junkies for help

Do you ever watch a TV show and find yourself dying over a character's makeup? Well, I've been obsessed with this lipstick that the character Amy Pond has been wearing in season 7 of Doctor Who. Unfortunately, the show doesn't give out any official information on the makeup they use, so I turn to you lovely people for some help!

It's so PRETTYCollapse )

It's magic, and I want it!! I don't care if it's drugstore brand or luxury brand, if anyone can think of anything similar, I'm all ears!!

Quick question (MAC cosmetics related!)

  Anyone ever had problems with the plastic clear top/mirrors popping out of the compacts?

I recently bought a blush and a BP from a seller on LJ and both of the plastics screens came off. I was soooo disheartened. :(

Any ideas how to put them back without using super glue (too messy!)